Scid  4.6.5
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCodecMemoryManages memory databases that do not have associated files
 CCodecNativeThis class stores the pointers to the Index and NameBase objects used by a native codec
 CCodecProxyBase class for non-native databases
 CCodecSCID4This class manages databases encoded in SCID format v4
 CecoTranslateTECO Classification functions
 CFilebufAdds some helper functions to std::filebuf:
 CFilebufAppendOptimizes std::filebuf for random-access reading
 Cconst_iteratorClass const_iterator - iterator for HFilter objects
 CHFilterInvertedClass HFilterInverted - iterate through games excluded from a filter
 CICodecDatabaseThis interface separates the logic of a database from its representation
 CNameBaseThis class stores the database's names (players, events, sites and rounds)
 CNameNormalizerClass NameNormalizer - apply general corrections to a name
 CPBookA PBook is a collection of chess positions, each with the corresponding ECO code, a mnemonic name, and the list of moves to reach the position
 CPgnParseLogFormat and store errors
 CPgnVisitorThis class implements a PGN "visitor" that invokes the appropriate member functions of the associated Game object for each type of PGN token
 CPlayerEloClass PlayerElo - elo ratings of a player
 CPlayerInfoClass PlayerInfo - player informations
 CSearchTournamentsClass SearchTournamens - Search tournaments in a database
 CSortCacheThis class sorts games contained into an Index
 CSpellCheckerClass SpellChecker - name spelling
 CSpellChkLoaderClass SpellChkLoader - load data into a SpellChecker object
 CStrRangeClass StrRange - parse a string interpreting its content as 1 or 2 integers separated by whitespace
 CTourneyClass Tourney - Calculate information about a tournament
 CTourneyGameClass TourneyGame - Private class used by Tourney and SearchTournaments
 CUI_ListClass UI_List - create a list of values to be sent to UI : currently there is no automatic reallocation in push_back() so the constructor must know the max number of values that will be stored in the list
 CUndoRedoA container useful for implementing a undo-redo behavior
 CVectorChunkedA vector-like container