Scid  4.6.5
FastBoard Member List

This is the complete list of members for FastBoard, including all inherited members.

castle(squareT king_to, squareT rook_from, squareT rook_to)FastBoardinline
FastBoard(Position &pos)FastBoardinline
fillSANInfo(FullMove &lastmove) const FastBoardinline
getCount(pieceT p=0) const FastBoardinline
getPiece(byte idx) const FastBoardinline
getSquare(byte idx) const FastBoardinline
Init(Position &pos)FastBoardinline
isEqual(const pieceT *board, const byte *nPiecesW, const byte *nPiecesB) const FastBoardinline
move(byte idx, squareT to, pieceT promo)FastBoardinline
remove(squareT sq, byte newIdx=0)FastBoardinline