Scid  4.6.5
StrTree< C > Member List

This is the complete list of members for StrTree< C >, including all inherited members.

AddLast(const char *str, nodeT< C > **returnNode)StrTree< C >
Delete(const char *str)StrTree< C >
DestroyList()StrTree< C >
DestroyTree(nodeT< C > *node)StrTree< C >
DumpRecurse(FILE *fp, const nodeT< C > *node, int height)StrTree< C >
DumpStats(FILE *fp)StrTree< C >
DumpTree(FILE *fp)StrTree< C >
FindMatches(const char *str, int strLen, nodeT< C > *node, uint *matches, uint maxMatches, nodeT< C > **array)StrTree< C >
FirstStrTree< C >protected
FirstByteSize(byte b)StrTree< C >inline
GetAllocateStrings()StrTree< C >inline
GetFirstMatches(const char *str, uint max, nodeT< C > **results)StrTree< C >
Height()StrTree< C >inline
Insert(const char *str, nodeT< C > **returnNode)StrTree< C >
Iterate()StrTree< C >inline
IterateStart()StrTree< C >inline
IteratorStrTree< C >protected
LastStrTree< C >protected
LongestPrefix(const char *str)StrTree< C >
Lookup(const char *str)StrTree< C >
MakeList()StrTree< C >
MakeTree()StrTree< C >
Rebalance()StrTree< C >inline
RootStrTree< C >protected
SetAllocateStrings(bool b)StrTree< C >inline
Size()StrTree< C >inline
StrTree()StrTree< C >
~StrTree()StrTree< C >