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pbook.cpp File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "dstring.h"
#include "pbook.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "mfile.h"
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#define PBOOK_HASH(pos)   ((pos)->HashValue() & (PBOOK_HASH_BITS - 1))


typedef char compactBoardStr[36]


const char * epd_findOpcode (const char *epdStr, const char *opcode)
void ReadLine (DString *s, MFile *fp)

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#define PBOOK_HASH (   pos)    ((pos)->HashValue() & (PBOOK_HASH_BITS - 1))

Definition at line 30 of file pbook.cpp.

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typedef char compactBoardStr[36]

Definition at line 32 of file pbook.cpp.

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const char* epd_findOpcode ( const char *  epdStr,
const char *  opcode 

Definition at line 127 of file pbook.cpp.

void ReadLine ( DString s,
MFile fp 

Definition at line 529 of file pbook.cpp.