Scid allows you to bookmark important games for easy future reference. The bookmarks menu is available from the [File] menu, the toolbar, or the Ctrl+B shortcut key.

When you select a bookmarked game from the Bookmarks menu, Scid will open its database if necessary, find that game, and move to the game position at which it was bookmarked.

Only games in a Scid format database (not a PGN file or the clipbase) can be bookmarked.

If the database of a bookmarked game is sorted or compacted, the bookmark details may become out of date. When that happens, Scid will search the database for the best matching game (comparing player names, site, etc) when the bookmark is selected, so the bookmarked game should still be loaded. However, if details of the bookmarked game change, it is possible that a different game will match the bookmark details better and be loaded instead. So it is a good idea to re-bookmark a game if you edit its players, site, result, round or year.

Editing bookmarks

With the bookmark editor, you can change the menu text displayed for each bookmarked game and add folders to categorize bookmarks.


You can use bookmarks for fast access to databases you use often by bookmarking a game from each database. Another good use for bookmarks is to add important games you find when studying a particular chess opening.

The bookmarks menu contains an entry for controlling the display of bookmark folders: they can be shown as submenus (useful when there are many bookmarks), or as a single list.

(Updated: Scid 3.0, November 2001)