Scidlet is a chess-playing program which comes with Scid. (Chess programs like Scidlet which can interface with graphical applications like Scid are usually called "chess engines".) Scidlet allows you to analyze games and positions; You can start it (or another chess engine) from inside Scid with the Analysis Engine... command in the Tools menu. For more assistance, see the Analysis online help page.

As chess engines go, Scidlet is modestly strong but there are many stronger free programs available. For example, at the WBEC Ridderkirk site, there is a rating list of more than 200 chess engines and Scid was ranked in the top 100 last time I checked.

Interface Standards (WinBoard vs. UCI)

There are two main standards for chess-playing programs (often called "chess engines"): "WinBoard"-compatible engines, and "UCI"-compatible engines. Most commercial programs support UCI, while some free programs support the WinBoard interface. Scidlet is WinBoard-compatible and the current release of Scid can use UCI and WinBoard engines.

Other WinBoard engines

There are many websites which provide information, links, ratings and tournament results for WinBoard-compatible engines. One of the most popular is WBEC Ridderkirk.

For other WinBoard engine links, please see the Scid Links page.

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