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board.tcl File Reference

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 setPieceFont font
 chooseBoardTextures i
 chooseBoardColors ?choice?
 board::sq sqname
 board::san sqno
 board::new w ?psize?
 board::addNamesBar w varname
 board::addInfoBar w varname
 board::setInfo w msg
 board::setInfoAlert w header msg msgcolor cmd
 board::setButtonCmd w button cmd
 board::toggleInfoBar_ w ?action?
 board::updateToolBar_ menu varname ?mb?
 board::newToolBar_ w varname
 board::flipNames_ w white_on_top
 board::sideToMove_ w side
 board::defaultColor sq
 board::size w
 board::resizeAuto w bbox
 board::resize w psize
 board::border w ?border?
 board::getSquare w x y
 board::showMarks w value
 board::colorSquare w i ?color?
 board::midSquare w sq
 board::setmarks w cmds
 board::piece w sq
 board::setDragSquare w sq
 board::getDragSquare w
 board::dragPiece w x y
 board::bind w sq event action
 board::drawPiece w sq piece
 board::clearText w
 board::drawText w sq text color args ?shadow?
 board::lastMoveHighlight w
 board::update w ?board? ?animate?
 board::isFlipped w
 board::flipAuto w ?newstate?
 board::flip w ?newstate?
 board::material w
 board::addMaterial count piece parent rank sum
 board::toggleMaterial w
 board::coords w
 board::animate w oldboard newboard
 board::_animate w
 board::mark::getEmbeddedCmds comment
 board::mark::remove win args
 board::mark::add win args
 board::mark::DrawCircle pathName square color
 board::mark::DrawDisk pathName square color
 board::mark::DrawText pathName square char color ?size? ?shadowColor?
 board::mark::DrawArrow pathName from to color
 board::mark::DrawRectangle pathName square color pattern
 board::mark::DrawTux pathName square discard
 board::mark::GetArrowCoords board from to ?shrink?
 board::mark::GetBox pathName square ?portion?

Function Documentation

◆ chooseBoardColors()

chooseBoardColors   ?choice?  

Definition at line 104 of file board.tcl.

◆ chooseBoardTextures()

chooseBoardTextures   i  

Definition at line 91 of file board.tcl.

◆ InitBoard()


Definition at line 1856 of file board.tcl.

◆ SetBoardTextures()


Definition at line 26 of file board.tcl.

◆ setPieceFont()

setPieceFont   font  

Definition at line 53 of file board.tcl.