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switcher.tcl File Reference

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 selectBaseType type
 clickBaseType x y
 changeBaseType baseNum
 windows::switcher::pressMouseEvent i ?w?
 windows::switcher::releaseMouseEvent fromBase x y ?w?
 windows::switcher::popupmenu switcherWin w abs_x abs_y baseIdx
 windows::switcher::Open ?w?
 windows::switcher::Create w ?gamelist?
 windows::switcher::calcSpace w selected
 windows::switcher::Draw w numColumns iconWidth iconHeight
 windows::switcher::Update_ w

Function Documentation

◆ changeBaseType()

changeBaseType   baseNum  

Definition at line 520 of file switcher.tcl.

◆ clickBaseType()

clickBaseType   x y  

Definition at line 514 of file switcher.tcl.

◆ selectBaseType()

selectBaseType   type  

Definition at line 500 of file switcher.tcl.