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win.tcl File Reference

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 utils::win::Centre w
 docking::find_tbn path
 docking::embed_tbn tbn anchor
 docking::add_tbn tbn anchor
 docking::get_class path
 docking::_cleanup_tabs srctab
 docking::cleanup w ?origin?
 docking::isUndocked w
 docking::move_tab srctab dsttab
 docking::start_motion path
 docking::motion path
 docking::end_motion w x y
 docking::show_menu path x y
 docking::getMenu f
 docking::setMenuVisibility f show
 docking::tabChanged path
 docking::ctx_cmd path anchor
 docking::ctx_menu w x y
 docking::close w
 docking::undock srctab
 docking::__dock wnd
 docking::add_tab path title
 docking::setMenuMark nb tab
 docking::layout_save slot
 docking::layout_save_pw pw
 docking::layout_restore_pw data
 docking::layout_restore_nb pw name tabs
 docking::layout_restore slot
 docking::closeAll pw