Scid  4.6.5
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tkscid.h File Reference
#include "tcl.h"
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#define TCL_ARGS   ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp * ti, int argc, const char ** argv


int sc_eco_base (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_game (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_read (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_summary (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_translate (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_first (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_freq (scidBaseT *dbase, const HFilter &filter, Tcl_Interp *ti, int argc, const char **argv)
int sc_filter_last (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_next (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_prev (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_stats (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_crosstable (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_find (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_firstMoves (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_import (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_info (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_load (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_merge (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_moves (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_novelty (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_new (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_pgn (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_pop (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_push (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_save (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_scores (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_startBoard (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_strip (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_summary (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_get (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_set (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_reload (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_share (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_fsize (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_limit (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_suffix (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_tb (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_add (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_addSan (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_addUCI (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_back (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_forward (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_pgn (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_correct (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_edit (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_info (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_match (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_plist (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_read (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_report_create (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_report_select (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_addNag (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_analyze (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_bestSquare (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_getNags (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_hash (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_html (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_isAt (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_isLegal (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_isPromo (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_matchMoves (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_moves (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_pgnBoard (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_probe (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_probe_board (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_setComment (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_move (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_search (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_cachesize (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_cacheinfo (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_delete (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_delete_free (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_enter (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_first (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_list (TCL_ARGS)
errorT search_index (const scidBaseT *base, HFilter &filter, int argc, const char **argv, const Progress &progress)
 search_index() - search for games using game's IndexEntry info : the scidBaseT to search : the filter to be modified with the result of the search (RESET, AND, OR operations can be applied to the filter) : number of argv elements : an array of string pairs <criteria,value> : report search progress to UI More...
int sc_search_board (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_material (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_header (ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp *ti, scidBaseT *base, HFilter &filter, int argc, const char **argv)
int sc_search_rep_add (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_rep_go (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_load (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_close (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_moves (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_positions (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_update (TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_movesupdate (TCL_ARGS)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TCL_ARGS   ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp * ti, int argc, const char ** argv

Definition at line 25 of file tkscid.h.

Function Documentation

int sc_book_close ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_book_load ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_book_moves ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_book_movesupdate ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_book_positions ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_book_update ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_eco_base ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_eco_game ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_eco_read ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_eco_summary ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_eco_translate ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_filter_first ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_filter_freq ( scidBaseT dbase,
const HFilter filter,
Tcl_Interp *  ti,
int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Definition at line 1878 of file tkscid.cpp.

int sc_filter_last ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_filter_next ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_filter_prev ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_filter_stats ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_crosstable ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_find ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_firstMoves ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_import ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_info ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_load ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_merge ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_moves ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_new ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_novelty ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_pgn ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_pop ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_push ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_save ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_scores ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_startBoard ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_strip ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_summary ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_tags ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_tags_get ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_tags_reload ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_tags_set ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_game_tags_share ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_info_fsize ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_info_limit ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_info_suffix ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_info_tb ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_add ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_addSan ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_addUCI ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_back ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_forward ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_move_pgn ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_correct ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_edit ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_info ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_match ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_plist ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_name_read ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_addNag ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_analyze ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_bestSquare ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_getNags ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_hash ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_html ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_isAt ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_isLegal ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_isPromo ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_matchMoves ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_moves ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_pgnBoard ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_probe ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_probe_board ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_pos_setComment ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_report_create ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_report_select ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_search_board ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_search_header ( ClientData  cd,
Tcl_Interp *  ti,
scidBaseT base,
HFilter filter,
int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Definition at line 9912 of file tkscid.cpp.

int sc_search_material ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_search_rep_add ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_search_rep_go ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_tree_cacheinfo ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_tree_cachesize ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_tree_move ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_tree_search ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_var_delete ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_var_delete_free ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_var_enter ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_var_first ( TCL_ARGS  )
int sc_var_list ( TCL_ARGS  )
errorT search_index ( const scidBaseT base,
HFilter filter,
int  argc,
const char **  argv,
const Progress progress 

search_index() - search for games using game's IndexEntry info : the scidBaseT to search : the filter to be modified with the result of the search (RESET, AND, OR operations can be applied to the filter) : number of argv elements : an array of string pairs <criteria,value> : report search progress to UI

This function perform a fast games search using the IndexEntry info. Criteria should start with the char '-' and can include the optional trailing chars '!': meaning that we want the games that do not match the <criteria,value> pair '|': that allows to search for games that match at least one <criteria,value> in a group of <criteria,value> pairs

Names searches (-player, -white, -black, -event, -site -round) have special rules:

  • normal searches ignore case and spaces, so -player carlsen is equal to -player C a R L s en
  • player surname and name are usually separated by the char ,
  • exact searches (that do not ignore case and spaces) can be performed enclosing the searched value in "" like -player "Carlsen, Magnus"

Examples: -player "Carlsen, Magnus" means search for games played by (either as white or black) Carlsen (surname) Magnus (name)

-player carlsen -black kramnik means (white name contains 'carlsen' || black name contains 'carlsen') && (black name contains 'kramnik')

-white carlsen -black anand -black| kramnik -black| aronian means (white == carlsen) && (black == anand || black == kramnik || black == aronian) and will find the games played by carlsen as white against anand, or kramnik, or aronian

-elo "2700 4000" -event! blitz means elo > 2700 && elo < 4000 && event != blitz and will find the games played by players with elo greater or equal than 2700, excluding the blitz events

-welo "2700 4000" -belo|! "0 2700" -delo "-200 200" means (white elo > 2700 && white elo < 4000) || (belo is not in the range 0-2700) && ((welo - belo) > -200 && (welo - belo) < 200)

Definition at line 497 of file searchindex.cpp.