Scid  4.6.5
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1 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2 //
3 // FILE: tkscid.h
4 // Scid extensions to Tcl/Tk interpreter
5 //
6 // Part of: Scid (Shane's Chess Information Database)
7 //
8 // Notice: Copyright (c) 1999-2004 Shane Hudson. All rights reserved.
9 // Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Pascal Georges
10 // Copyright (c) 2013 Benini Fulvio
11 //
12 // Author: Shane Hudson (
13 //
14 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
17 #include "tcl.h"
19 class Progress;
20 struct scidBaseT;
23 // Macro TCL_ARGS expands to the argument-type list that any
24 // Tcl command function takes.
25 #define TCL_ARGS ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp * ti, int argc, const char ** argv
28 int sc_eco_base (TCL_ARGS);
29 int sc_eco_game (TCL_ARGS);
30 int sc_eco_read (TCL_ARGS);
35 int sc_filter_freq (scidBaseT* dbase, const HFilter& filter, Tcl_Interp * ti, int argc, const char ** argv);
50 int sc_game_new (TCL_ARGS);
51 int sc_game_pgn (TCL_ARGS);
52 int sc_game_pop (TCL_ARGS);
67 int sc_info_tb (TCL_ARGS);
69 int sc_move_add (TCL_ARGS);
74 int sc_move_pgn (TCL_ARGS);
90 int sc_pos_hash (TCL_ARGS);
91 int sc_pos_html (TCL_ARGS);
92 int sc_pos_isAt (TCL_ARGS);
101 int sc_tree_move (TCL_ARGS);
106 int sc_var_delete (TCL_ARGS);
108 int sc_var_enter (TCL_ARGS);
109 int sc_var_first (TCL_ARGS);
110 int sc_var_list (TCL_ARGS);
112 errorT search_index(const scidBaseT* base, HFilter& filter, int argc, const char ** argv, const Progress& progress);
115 int sc_search_header (ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp * ti, scidBaseT* base, HFilter& filter, int argc, const char ** argv);
119 int sc_book_load (TCL_ARGS);
120 int sc_book_close (TCL_ARGS);
121 int sc_book_moves (TCL_ARGS);
125 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
126 /// END of tkscid.h
127 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
int sc_pos_probe_board(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_info(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_matchMoves(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_share(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_rep_go(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_pop(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_moves(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_pgn(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_info(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_report_select(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_moves(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_close(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags(TCL_ARGS)
errorT search_index(const scidBaseT *base, HFilter &filter, int argc, const char **argv, const Progress &progress)
search_index() - search for games using game's IndexEntry info : the scidBaseT to search : the filter...
int sc_game_find(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_set(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_push(TCL_ARGS)
Definition: misc.h:64
int sc_pos_isAt(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_new(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_isLegal(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_addNag(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_translate(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_limit(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_probe(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_merge(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_isPromo(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_suffix(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_html(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_plist(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_read(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_delete(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_prev(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_addUCI(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_moves(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_pgn(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_cacheinfo(TCL_ARGS)
#define TCL_ARGS
Definition: tkscid.h:25
int sc_game_scores(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_get(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_match(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_last(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_read(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_list(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_addSan(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_edit(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_stats(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_header(ClientData cd, Tcl_Interp *ti, scidBaseT *base, HFilter &filter, int argc, const char **argv)
Definition: tkscid.cpp:9406
int sc_move_back(TCL_ARGS)
unsigned short errorT
Definition: error.h:20
int sc_game_firstMoves(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_bestSquare(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_strip(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_search(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_load(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_move(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_material(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_hash(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_tags_reload(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_add(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_freq(scidBaseT *dbase, const HFilter &filter, Tcl_Interp *ti, int argc, const char **argv)
Definition: tkscid.cpp:1817
int sc_game_summary(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_first(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_base(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_enter(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_save(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_summary(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_load(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_first(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_novelty(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_setComment(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_crosstable(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_positions(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_move_forward(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_movesupdate(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_filter_next(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_eco_game(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_getNags(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_report_create(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_rep_add(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_name_correct(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_pos_analyze(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_info_tb(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_search_board(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_var_delete_free(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_tree_cachesize(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_startBoard(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_game_import(TCL_ARGS)
int sc_book_update(TCL_ARGS)